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Following are mock-up cover treatments for Rock, Paper, Scissors, an exciting debut novel with elements of romance and suspense.


contemporary treatment

When an airline mechanic helps an attractive bartender land a job at the airline, his interest in her turns into obsession and an affair that risks his marriage, his job, and ultimately his freedom.

Now that the kids are in college, Jeff and Maddie Halvorson find they have drifted apart. When Jeff buys an expensive new truck to take on a fishing trip, Maddie must “borrow” money from her employer to pay for the private ballroom dance lessons she needs for an upcoming competition.Though Maddie is distracted by her flirtatious dance instructor, she is resolved to make her marriage work. But when Maddie see signs something may be afoot with Jeff: a lingerie receipt, a charge to a florist, she doubts her certainty that Jeff would never betray her after what happened a decade ago. Their love is forever…or is she just deluding herself?


romance element treatment

Jeff’s commitment to his marriage is tested when he helps Brandy, a young bartender Up North, get a job at the airline in Minneapolis where he works. Though Jeff tries to resist her, Brandy makes him feel appreciated and alive. He stumbles into an illicit affair and falls in love. One lie leads to another as Jeff stalls for time to decide whether to leave his wife for Brandy. But how long can he maintain a double life before it all comes crashing down?

“You see the trains coming, you know they’re going to crash, but you just can’t look away.”
–Hooked Reviews

“A promising debut. Picard gets inside the male mind like few female writers can.”
–SD Press