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Michele Picard

Michele Picard was born sometime after JFK was shot, but before Carter was president.

She graduated with a B.A. in Speech-Communications from the University of Minnesota and had dreams of becoming a screenwriter. She wound up as a magazine editor. After 13 years, the publishing company she worked for went out of business. She took some novel writing classes to pass the time while job hunting. She went to work as a contract web content manager for a major health insurance company. After her four-year contract ended, instead of polishing her resume, she thought, Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to finally write that novel? Oh, how naive….

A year and gallons of tea later, she’d written Rock, Paper, Scissors, a novel about an airline mechanic having a midlife crisis and screwing up his life, and a woman realizing that “meant to be” and “forever” may just be words scribbled in highschool yearbooks.

Michele lives a quiet, simple life in Minneapolis with her Persian cats and her husband, whom she met in ballroom dance class.